Vanessa Manago

Vanessa Manago, known also as the Media Minister, is a dynamic filmmaker and media professional. Her work can be seen on screens everywhere from entertainment venues to Government agencies but her heart and passion is for reaching the lost through media.

An innovative visionary, Vanessa is the mind behind the Latter Reign brand. From series like “The Closet” and “No Filter” to the Roman collection of faith inspired tees, she is committed to taking the Gospel to urban America. In her own words, Vanessa describes herself as a disruptor who takes the truth that has been long reserved for church gatherings and feeds it to the world in a way that they can digest it.


It’s really about being a Christian daily. We cannot carry Church culture to the World. The World has it’s own culture and they are often unwilling to accept the practices that we observe in the Church. But what we can do is demonstrate and preach the Kingdom. The Kingdom does not fail. It is for everyone, regardless of their culture. Ultimately, our culture will fail us but the Kingdom will always remain and be relevant.



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